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Employment Law

Charney Lawyers litigates non-unionized employment law claims, including wrongful dismissal, Employment Standards Act complaints, Labor Board hearings, and proceedings before the Human Rights Tribunal. We are consulted on the prospects for setting aside a Labor Board or Human Rights Tribunal decision by judicial review.

Charney Lawyers represents executives and non-unionized employees who have been wrongfully dismissed. In some instances, the circumstances of the dismissal can be aggravated by defamatory publications, negligent investigations and harassment in the workplace, warranting an award of punitive or mental distress damages on top of a general damages award for the wrongful dismissal.

Our experience includes familiarity with all aspects of the Employment Standards Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code, including damages for discrimination in the workplace. As a result of recent amendments to the Code, damages for discrimination/Code violations may now form the subject matter of a lawsuit. Previously, damages for Code violations could only be pursued through the Human Rights Tribunal.

Our firm has represented dismissed executives and employees in numerous cases. We have settled the majority of these cases at an early stage through discussions with counsel or mediation. Often the settlement can be structured to the client’s advantage and allow for transition to future career opportunities.

Our practice group is also proficient in all aspects of non-competition disputes. We have appeared for employees on a number of emergency injunctions where employers are seeking to restrain former employees from competing. We have the resources to effectively initiate or respond to these injunctions despite the short timelines.


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